Just one fray bit...

Woke up midnight by a startling sound  
Seems to me to be a piece of ground
Windows shattered I find out why
A piece of moon fallen from your sky
Reaching out still dull and grey
Reminds me that life's astray

Looking up i view the empty space
With the sparkling dots and the glazed haze
Wishing I aimed higher in this crazy maze
Shooting for stars not believing it
And now, all that's left is this broken bit. 

Turn it around to see it's mean dark side
A spot of glass with no where to hide
They say stars align to guide us somewhere
A bunch of dust,I doubt it cares

I look up and gaze the empty space
The sparkling dots and the glazed haze
Wish I fared better in this crazy maze
Forgetting stars and fighting my way
But all that's left is this savage flay

Woke up tonight by this startling noise
Seems to me to there's still a choice..